Yoga Cork Brick

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 3 × 6 × 9 in

Svech yoga blocks are the swiss army knives of the yoga world.  They are the most inventive tools out with the simplicity of design that makes them so perfect for almost anything related to your yoga practice.  some ways anyone can use them are to

support tight hips and knees

Help find your balance in standing poses

Add extra length

Fine-tune your poses

These are especially useful for anyone who has just begun and needs support for flexibility or if you are looking to add intensity to your practice.

Our svech yoga blocks has been made out of cork and with love for yoga, nature, and community.our cork blocks have been meticulously crafted and aesthetically designed to achieve style, longevity, beauty, and reliability.  



   Weight  1 kg


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15 reviews for Yoga Cork Brick

  1. Purnima

    This is a must-have yoga prop. It helps you to achieve and maintain various poses. It has held up well over the last several months.

  2. Anjalika

    I had a really Great experience with this, not just as equipment but also because it’s eco-friendly as I am a very eco-conscious person. Thank you Svech

  3. Preethi

    This is a good quality product. Very stable, and doesn’t move on the smooth tiles I use them on.

  4. Ayisha

    Amazing stuff… sturdy and light and I know it’s not like it will break your bones if it falls on your foot unlike wooden blocks.

  5. Pritika

    Amazing sturdy pair of cork yoga blocks. Excellent to use for practicing arm balances. Provides a great grip

  6. Kaushik Mandal

    Good and perfect. Easy to use and handle.

  7. Akhilesh

    Good and sturdy go for it

  8. Debojyoti Mitra

    The product is solid enough to sustain your weight. And in regard to leg split for beginners, the stuff can be pretty helpful when you would put your weight upon the same, instead of leaning directly on the floor.

  9. Deepika

    Does exactly what is expected out of it. The material is nice and soft making it ideal for grips. But it can get easily marked or dented considering the same material. All-in-all it is a good product for the price and requirement.

  10. Sunita Devi

    These cork blocks are perfect for gripping, unlike the wooden ones that slip through. I once got a sprain because of such blocks. Thank you svech.

  11. Neha

    Very light in weight, but a good balance of firmness and comfort. Just enough give to mitigate any pain if you need to put weight on it, but plenty firm enough to serve the purpose. Great value for the money!

  12. Vikas

    Found very useful in daily yoga routine and also it is of good quality

  13. Divya

    The best feature about these cork blocks is that I can use them just like normal wooden blocks, but they are light in weight and for the new trainees it avoids injuries.

  14. Kalpna verma

    These blocks are the perfect yoga accessories, they provide good support and are comfortable to use with their soft texture and light weight.

  15. Meenakshi

    Only One thing to say. What I saw is what I got and that is enough for me.

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