Our Story

Story of Svech

I love working out and doing yoga. It is something very natural to me. ‘Svech’ was an idea that formed in my mind as I was practicing yoga and I realized that I had to replace my mat, the quality of the mat was bad.  It had been just 6 months since I bought it and it was already wearing off.

The options in the market ranged from plastic mats i.e. harmful to lungs and environment to eco- friendly yoga mats that could easily replace a carpet or if it ticked all my boxes, it was far too expensive for my pocket. I thought we need a good alternative to this something eco friendly and long-lasting and thus Svech was born as an alternative for all gym and yoga lovers like me who like to invest in good quality products. 

Svech comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Svecha’ which means freedom. It refers to a state of being liberated, being happy, and is the purpose of all purposes. Doing yoga or working out takes me to a  state of feeling blissful and free which resonates with ‘Svech’as a brand as at ‘Svech’ we believe in freedom from harmful substances. It is a brand born in the motherland of yoga with ancient values and a modern outlook to create yoga products that are eco-friendly and good looking.