A good workout /yoga mat should give you good grip ,knee support and should be stable so you can perform asanas  or do your workout with ease .Svech yoga mat are designed keeping these factors in mind,The preference of choosing a mat is based on your preference  of design /texture.

You can choose Vishwa ,Amrit,Apaha  or prithivi depending on your preference of design or the element that connects you the universe.

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Svech yoga mats are 100% eco-friendly made from natural and recyclable materials with beautiful design options to make your yoga practise naturally beautiful. It  is alarming   that a practice as peaceful, sacred and nature centric  as yoga has in many ways evolved into a PVC and plastic supporting industry. The vast  majority of yoga and pilates mats are made of PVC – these mats contain phthalates, which have been linked to reproductive and other health issues.   The durability of these  mats are short and  they end up in landfill where they release carcinogens into the earth and our water systems for decades .We wanted to have a good alternative  to this .We also plant trees as a way of giving back to the environment.

All svech yoga mats except the airy mat is  4mm .This will provide the required cushioning /support to your knees/head thereby making sure there is minimal chance of injury.

These are especially useful for anyone who has just begun and need support for flexibility or if you are looking to add intensity to your practise .Svech yoga blocks support tight hips and knees ,help find your balance in standing poses ,add extra length and fine tune your poses.

Svech Cork Yoga  wheel helps enhance your yoga practise by assisting you with better balance, backbends, yoga poses and more. Our Cork Yoga Cartwheel helps improve flexibility and balance, improves core strength, opens your shoulders and chest and helps in releasing the muscle tension in your back.