Cotton Yoga Mat Bag

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 2.95 × 2.95 × 10.51 in


Svech cotton yoga bags are stylish and vogue and come with a small provision to put your mobile and a separate provision to put your keys inside. It has a sturdy grip and is easy to carry around. Svech yoga bag can be carried on one side of the shoulder or crossing over your shoulder. Easy to put your mat in and remove.

14 reviews for Cotton Yoga Mat Bag

  1. Krishna Priya

    Value for money

  2. Diya

    The material quality is good. Appears to be strong as of now. Will need to review after a few months of use. Positive is that it will keep my yoga mat dust-free, as the cover is washable.

  3. Karuna

    Perfect bag for the perfect mat, I had previously bought Vishwa yoga mat from them, and carrying had been hard but now it’s just so easy!

  4. Latha

    The bag is of very good quality and very durable. I find that the stitching really and the strap is very steady and smooth.

  5. Sahithya

    I haven’t used it yet but seems durable, very classy, cotton fabric. Searched for many yoga mat bags but didn’t like them when I saw this I instantly knew I am buying it. So, It’s recommended!

  6. Aarav

    It is totally worth it. I suggest you buy this with any mat you purchase from svech.

  7. Rashmika

    Love the product. Value for money and very organic.Makes u feel close to nature. Must buy

  8. Geetanjali

    I would just like to say that it has made my life easy, fun and stylish,

  9. Sukeerthi

    It’s pure cotton and thus washable, exactly what I was looking for. The only thing is it’s a little pricey.

  10. Rupika

    It has a huge capacity, can accommodate a yoga mat of any thickness, and has a couple of more items. Quality is good, quite tough.

  11. Priyanka

    No doubt regards quality as compared to price.

  12. Hasini

    The best part for me about this bag is the strap, it is so smooth and does not cut into your skin.

  13. Yuvika

    The bag is made of Very good quality fabric and the Stitching is good. Great value for money. Love it!

  14. Ramya

    While ordering it I was a little skeptical as it doesn’t have many reviews. But took the risk and ordered it as I liked it anyway. And believe me, it’s really good. The size is good for any yoga mat, like a thick and long one. Loved the design as well.

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