Prithvi Yoga Mat

Natural Rubber Yoga Mat with Suede

Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 68 × 24 × 0.157 in


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Discover your earthiness with Prithvi Svech Yoga Mats.

Svech Premium Yoga Mats are designed keeping in mind the elements of nature and universe. Our Prithvi Yoga Mat Design is inspired from earth to embark a feeling of earthiness. Svech premium yoga mats are designed to give you the freedom to discover and explore yourself by adding aesthetics and performance to your daily yoga practise. 

Svech yoga mats are 100% eco-friendly made from natural and recyclable materials with beautiful design options to make your yoga practise naturally beautiful.  Svech yoga mats have a top layer of micro-fibres that are sweat absorbent and non-slip surface to provide you with the perfect grip to help you attain the right postures with ease. Our 100% natural eco-rubber underlayer keeps your mat rooted to nature.  

Our svech mat has been made with love for yoga, nature and community and  our mat has been meticulously crafted and  aesthetically designed to achieve style, longevity, beauty and reliability.  Discover your inner yogi with Svech premium yoga mats.

Thickness: 4.0 mm  
Weight: 2.7kg

Mats will be shipped within 5-7 working days.

15 reviews for Prithvi Yoga Mat

  1. Jyoti

    Great density, supportive. Have had mine for 2 years with weekly use doesn’t break down. Great investment for yoga beginners or advanced. Bought this one for my sister- she didn’t realize the difference a good mat can make to your hands and knees during yoga.

  2. Jayshri

    I took this for its trial run at Yoga. It’s good quality and more padded than a standard PVC mat. Simply Good

  3. Anjali

    This mat was too heavy for me to cart to and from class. I ordered a thicker mat for extra cushioning under my knees. The quality looks fantastic and I’m sure it would last really well but just too bulky for me.

  4. Bhavana Bhaskar

    Perfect, worth my money. I’m emotionally attached to it now

  5. Anusha

    The first thing that attracted me to svech mat was that it is eco-friendly and for all our purchase they plant trees. I so support this cause and bought the mat. It’s SUPERB.

  6. Neeraja

    When I use this mat I feel so confident during poses. It is a heavy mat, but it is well worth the effort to carry it to my class. I can sweat quite a lot during some classes, depending on the poses demonstrated.

  7. Anitha Patil

    Love it! Svech really knows what they are doing and for who they are doing. From Yoga enthusiasts to Yoga Enthusiasts

  8. Shikha yadav

    I love the thickness.. plush without being unstable. I tend to sweat a lot through my hands and i am able to maintain my poses without issue.

  9. Avani

    Had a problem with my hands sliding. This mat is great for that! I can really grip down and it feels like my mat supports a lot of my yoga positions! I primarily use my mat for at-home practices and love its functionality. It is a little heavier than my old mat, but that doesn’t matter to me as I knew it wouldn’t be a mat I would want to travel with.

  10. Shikha

    The first thing that attracted me to svech mat was that it is eco-friendly and for all our puchase they plant trees. I so support this cause and bought the mat. It’s SUPERB.

  11. Vaishali

    I use this mat for yoga a lot in my home. I just love it.

  12. Isha

    You can just feel the comfort and feel from the color tones and print itself, as an active yoga practitioner I am quite attached to nature and this eco-friendly mat I found is perfect for fit for my taste. Thank you Svech.

  13. Snehal

    A slight delay in the delivery service, other wise it was a good experience.

  14. Poorva Goswami

    This is the first yoga mat I’ve paid more than about 1k for so I spent a lot of time researching which one to buy. I chose this and am very happy. I use it for a 3-4 day/week Ashtanga practice and it’s been great!

  15. Manjusha

    As a yoga instructor I direct my students in the best way possible and trust me after using this mat, I had bought 5 to gift my students and recommend others to buy the same.

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