Copper Bottle

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 2.95 × 2.95 × 10.51 in


Drinking water from copper boosts immunity. It aids digestion and helps in better iron absorption and thyroid. Ancient people knew this secret and used to drink water stored in copper vessels. According to Ayurveda drinking copper water every morning balances all the doshas and helps the digestive and joint health . while plastic bottles when exposed to heat can cause several harmful reactions in the body and yet 60 million bottles land up in landfills. Drinking water from Svech copper bottle reduces the dependency on plastic. The bottle comes with a handle to have a carefree experience while carrying it around for yoga, gym, or any outdoor activity.

15 reviews for Copper Bottle

  1. Haritha

    This copper bottle is the best in quality and has many health benefits. It promotes a healthy digestive system and fights against arthritis as well. Our whole family is using this. Easy to clean. Must have.

  2. Deepika Saravanan

    Excellent product and quality. Couldn’t find any flaw in the design since the last 2 months of usage as described by a few reviews. Above all, it has quality assurance from Svech.

  3. Akshara

    Good quality looks soo good and its water is good for health must buy.

  4. Shashank Shekher

    The bottle is so good, it also comes with a small handle at the top to carry, I totally recommend it, only problem! faced was that of the delay in delivery due to covid restrictions.

  5. Komal

    Amazing quality. I am very impressed with the product. It’s worth buying. The liquid remains the same just like it had been 2 hrs ago.

  6. Indu mehta

    If you are looking for a copper bottle, this should be your choice. The bottle is sturdy and great for everyday use

  7. Ramya

    The copper bottle is very good in quality and its leak proof so easy to carry out …easy to clean no spots problem happy with it, and the logo itself on the bottle looks classic.

  8. Manishkumar

    Good product at this price point, pure copper used to make this bottle, no bend no scratch very good packaging, and also good delivery by…it’s really impressive. I am using 1 week on this bottle I don’t have any complaints.

  9. Reshma

    I had bought this bottle on a recommendation from my fellow yogi and It was totally worth it. It’s leakproof with a solid body, good looking, and value for money. I would say don’t think it just goes for it.

  10. Manvita Joshi

    Perfect, what I saw is what I got, was a little disappointed when the delivery was delayed due to covid restrictions, but worth the wait.

  11. Ayantika Bakshi

    Totally satisfied. Good for health too

  12. Nitika Tandon

    It is a very good product. The quality of copper is very good. I would just like to ask that if a brush to clean it is also given would be a bonus.

  13. Debjeeta Samantaray

    The bottle is excellent, sturdy, and does not rust easily. It’s great for digestion and my bowel movement has improved considerably post using this.

  14. Sukriti Das

    To be simply put, It’s a very good product, which looks good and balances very well and it might sound basic but it Shines well.

  15. Nisith pal

    Been using it for 3 weeks now, I am really impressed with this bottle’s built quality. Looks very amazing and good percent of copper. Very easy to clean. 100% leakproof.

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