Amrit Yoga Mat Bag

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 2.95 × 2.95 × 10.51 in


Discover your love for the water with Amrit Svech Yoga Mats.
Svech Premium Yoga Mats are designed keeping in mind the elements of nature and the universe. Our Amrit Yoga Mat Design is inspired from underwater to embark a feeling of being in the ocean. Svech premium yoga mats are designed to give you the freedom to discover and explore yourself by adding aesthetics and performance to your daily yoga practice. Svech yoga mats are 100% eco-friendly made from natural and recyclable materials with beautiful design options to make your yoga practice naturally beautiful. Svech yoga mats have a top layer of micro-fibres that are sweat absorbent and non-slip surface to provide you with the perfect grip to help you attain the right postures with ease. Our 100% natural eco-rubber underlayer keeps your mat rooted in nature. Our svech mat has been made with love for yoga, nature and community and our mat has been meticulously crafted and aesthetically designed to achieve style, longevity, beauty and reliability. Discover your inner yogi with Svech premium yoga mats.

15 reviews for Amrit Yoga Mat

  1. Siri

    I wanted something thicker mostly so the ends wouldn’t curl up. There’s also some added cushioning by the added thickness. The mat is heavy though. You have gotta make some trade-offs. I like it. I gave it 5 stars. It’s exactly what I wanted.

  2. Arshia

    This is SUPER grippy! I do power yoga usually outdoors and due to the humid climate sweat, a lot and I was slipping on my previous mat but not with the svech mat! It’s awesome. I highly recommend this mat for any yoga practitioners. Also, it’s environmentally friendly! What more could a yogi ask for?

  3. Khushboo Rana

    Just in love with the color and underwater design in addition to its texture and feel is what sealed the deal for me.

  4. Mayurakshi Hazarika

    Got It today and already used it, must say that it is soooo good, just slightly disappointed as the shipment got delayed, but they had explained it was due to covid restrictions.

  5. Geetanjali Behera

    Thank you svech for the amazing mat

  6. Charmi

    Simply Stunning and Supreme Quality.

  7. Anushka Khanna

    Svech mat was a breath of fresh air in color concept and texture after using the regular plastic mats.

  8. Priyanka Mukherjee

    All the mats that I had used previously, used to smell all plastic and rubbery, but this mat does not give out any such odor.

  9. Syeda Ayesha

    Probably the most beautiful mat I’ve unrolled. High quality and eco-wise! totally worth it!

  10. Sarita Rani

    I had done a lot of research before purchasing a new yoga mat. I was looking for a mat that was thicker, longer, and more grippy than the one I currently have. I was hesitant to spend a great deal of money on a mat which is why I did the research. This mat has met and exceeded ALL of my expectations.

  11. Medha Garg

    Pure love for the yoga practitioners

  12. Akanksha Gupta

    “I was looking for my first personal yoga mat after using the foam ones at all the studios. I needed comfort and grip since I do them all – hot, Baptiste, etc and trust me when I say this was IT!

  13. Yasmin

    When I use this mat I feel so confident during poses. It is a heavy mat, but it is well worth the effort to carry it to my class. I can sweat quite a lot during some classes, depending on the poses demonstrated.

    I highly recommend this product to my fellow sweaters.

  14. Sonika

    If you walk to your yoga studio you will find this mat too heavy. It works great once you are on your mat in the studio.

  15. Ankita

    Received the mat which had a difference of 20% in color than displayed, but understandable for the pic, Although the quality is amazing!

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