Yoga Cart Wheel

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 12 in


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Svech Cork Yoga wheel helps enhance your yoga practise by assisting you with better balance, backbends, yoga poses and more. Our Cork Yoga Cartwheel helps improve flexibility and balance, improves core strength, opens your shoulders and chest and helps in releasing the muscle tension in your back.

  • The svech yoga wheel will stretch your entire front side body -hip flexors, abdomen, chest, and shoulders. It’s a serious heart opener!
  • It will massage the entire length of your spine in a safe but deep way.
  • The svech yoga wheel helps yoga practitioners move deeper into postures, specifically heart opening postures like backbends and forearm balances.


Enhance Your Stretch with Svech Cork Yoga wheel.

Dimension: 12 x 5 inches

Padding: 8.0 mm

Weight :1kg

Frame: Inflexible Body/Deeper stretching post gym workout 

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15 reviews for Yoga Cart Wheel

  1. Renu

    Reading previous reviews I had few doubts if I should go for this or not, But took a leap of faith and purchased it. The best decision I must say. Very good quality.

  2. Anupam

    The product is very nice and the quality is really good..grip of the roll is the best part.. and you can do many asanas with the help of this ring… Strength is the other best quality… The size is perfect… Thanks Svech for such a wonderful product.

  3. Shipra Pandey

    As a Yoga practitioner for 3 years now, I totally recommend this, I myself have been using this for 5 months now and this cork cartwheel has helped me in stretching and massaging the thoracic and lumbar region muscles improving strength, flexibility, and balance.

  4. Malathi Srinivasan

    Fantastic yoga wheel! Supports well, the make is great and it is quite sturdy to support body weight well. It is especially great for deepening back bends and feels very comfortable in the spinal curve. As a yoga teacher, I recommend this yoga wheel.

  5. Shweta

    I was taking a backstep while deciding to purchase this, as all features are but only factor was of the aesthetic or holy – like print, but the equipment is equipment so I bought it. But now I am happy as the print is like a chakra but not the exact one.

  6. Latha

    “So been using them for a very long time, these things reviews should be delayed as they can give a better response to these products.
    Love this yoga wheel.”

  7. Sanju Verma

    Easy to use. Unbelievably comforting.

  8. Nupur Mehta

    The product was packed well and received on time. It’s a good product for yoga beginners to help stretch a little further and loosen up those tight muscles.

  9. Pooja

    Exactly as described. Very strong. Do not lose shape with full weight. Helps with back problems.

  10. Sujata

    I am a yoga instructor and I recently used this yoga wheel in one of our yoga sessions. This is an awesome product for people who are new to yoga and are not very flexible in their asanas. This gives very good support to your back when you are going for back bends. You can practice lots of asanas with the help of this wheel. Thank you svech.

  11. Ankit

    Great product. Durable and worth the money. Thanks.

  12. Priyakrishna

    The yoga wheel of my dreams. Especially the earthy tone, they make a difference! practicing every day now. Very solid and trustworthy, for as we realize some posture, you must trust the equipment. It is worth every penny.

  13. Dev

    Nice product for beginners.

  14. Pavithra

    I love the product. Color and quality both are good. Worth the price. The texture is also perfect.

  15. Nandini Kushwah

    The products seem to be good in terms of quality. Yet to use but products look quite sturdy.

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