Alcohol yoga

Somewhat of a controversial trend, people are both loving and hating the idea of incorporating alcohol into yoga classes. Classes offering beer or wine during practice have created a little bit of a stir (or shaken) in terms of their dubbed “inappropriateness” and distaste. Here is our take;- Yoga is not just a practice or about mastering an’s much more than that. Patanjali refers to yoga as ‘restrictions of the fluctuations of consciousness’ and when you want to experience your ‘consciousness’ to the fullest you would have to be devoid of stimulants and toxications. With this emerging trend of drinking beer /wine before practicing yoga, it defeats the purpose. While we don’t want to get preachy we are just saying enjoy your drink just don’t call it yoga.

Weird yoga trend that can help you overcome Fear..

Snake yogaThis bizarre practice   started  in Vancouver, Canada. The brains behind this  are reptile-enthusiasts Tristan Risk and Joshua Burns, who created the practice with the goal to spread appreciation for the largely misunderstood creatures.snakes are definitely one of the creatures that most of us are scared of .If the  thought of reptiles  send a chill down your spine than this is not for you However if you are willing to  brave it out  and give it a shot than you may overcame  fear swell .

The practice would take place in a private studio, with snake wranglers on stand by.  Instead of roaming freely among the mats, the snakes would be tangled on the yogi’s body. They are calm and slow-moving, able to adjust to your movements as you switch from warrior 1 to 2 to 3. The goal is to bond with the snakes, as well as take advantage of the extra weight distribution as a form of weight training.Not into live snakes? Check out our accessories that could add some fun to your practise and would help you with the weight distribution .