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How to use yoga bricks to advance your practice

Yoga provides numerous props to improve your ability to express a yoga posture. One of the most well-known yoga props to use is the yoga cork brick. Yoga brick is regularly utilized as an augmentation of the arms however can likewise bolster the back, head, and hips to enable the body to subside into a posture.

About Yoga Bricks

A yoga brick/block is an essential apparatus for certain postures. Iyengar yoga depends on props to make up for the absence of adaptability. Get a yoga cork brick and handle your practice like a pro.

yoga cork brick - Svech

History of Yoga Bricks

B.K. S. Iyengar, who established Iyengar Yoga during the 1970s, presented the utilization of yoga props including blocks and straps to help his students towards the right alignment in the asana.


  • Yoga cork bricks are manufactured in a variety of materials, Colors, and Sizes. Svech yoga cork brick is Sustainable and made from 100% natural cork.
  • This essential accessory is designed to deliver durable (and recyclable) support for your practice.
  • Svech yoga brick Ideal for safely unlocking more advanced poses by helping to extend reach and make more difficult poses accessible.
  • Natural cork surface provides excellent grip and also provides a firm, comfortable seat for meditation.
Ways to Use Blocks to Advance Your Yoga Practice

 Props aren’t only for fledglings; they can be utilized to develop deep dimensions of asana practice. The modest yoga brick, for instance, gives us innumerable approaches to change our work on—featuring vibes that help us experience a posture in a new way. Here are five of my favorites.

  1. Child’s Pose :

 Child’s Pose stretches the hips, thighs, and lower legs while reducing stress and fatigue. It tenderly relaxes the muscles on the facade of the body while delicately and inactively stretching the muscles of the back middle.

  1. Fish Pose :

Fish Pose stretches the front of the body, especially the throat, chest, belly, hip flexors, and intercostals (muscles between your ribs). It fortifies the upper back muscles and the back of the neck, which improves spinal adaptability and stance.

  1. Butterfly Pose :

Beneficial For Moms-to-be, A magnificent prenatal yoga posture, Butterfly Yoga Asana enormously benefits the eager mother and the unborn infant. It improves blood circulation, reinforces the pelvic floor muscles, enhances the arrival of cheerful hormones, and aids in smooth, safe, and healthy delivery.

  1. Pigeon Pose:

 Pigeon Pose has numerous health benefits. Physically, it stretches the hip flexors, opens gluteus minims and maxims, and unwinds the piriformis and psoas muscles.

  1. Puppy Pose :

Puppy Pose resembles the ideal mix of Downward Dog and Child’s Pose and can be utilized as a variety of either. Likewise alluded to as Melting Heart Pose, this stance truly welcomes the heart to dissolve down toward the ground, stretching the spine in both directions.

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