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Alcohol yoga

Somewhat of a controversial trend, people are both loving and hating the idea of incorporating alcohol into yoga classes. Classes offering beer or wine during practice have created a little bit of a stir (or shaken) in terms of their dubbed “inappropriateness” and distaste. Here is our take;- Yoga is not just a practice or […]

Weird yoga trend that can help you overcome Fear..

This bizarre practice   started  in Vancouver, Canada. The brains behind this  are reptile-enthusiasts Tristan Risk and Joshua Burns, who created the practice with the goal to spread appreciation for the largely misunderstood creatures.snakes are definitely one of the creatures that most of us are scared of .If the  thought of reptiles  send a chill […]

Yoga Postures – Choose One That Fits Your Need

Yoga is popular physical practice over the world and there are armies of adherents who swear by it. The advantages of yoga postures are likewise broadly reported and you can plan to improve your quality, adaptability, and offset with standard practice. There is a wide assortment of yoga controls to look over. Be that as […]

How to use yoga bricks to advance your practice

Yoga provides numerous props to improve your ability to express a yoga posture. One of the most well-known yoga props to use is the yoga cork brick. Yoga brick is regularly utilized as an augmentation of the arms however can likewise bolster the back, head, and hips to enable the body to subside into a […]